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DLL Injector v1.1 (312K)

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CPU Usage Rate Decrease/Reduction Tool v1.1 (160K)

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182 thoughts on “Download DLL Injector

    1. 19307229090

      bawal mag gamit kong sino sino sa inyong may wallhack ph ito lang ang sagot basta kinig kayo sapag wallhack

    1. marko

      hi.. can you guide me how to make it happen? i already downloaded the app but still cant make it rigth.. please help. thanks

  1. CN pastone

    How are you
    Your software work very well
    Can you give a DLL
    Process name: “League of Legends.exe”
    DLL path is: run directory + pastone. DLL

  2. [-PH-]KENNETH

    welcome in assaultfire mga nagbabasa nito kung gostonyo ma bannde acc ko gawin nyo kc madaya naman kayo ehh paki bawiii ako pwede


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